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Business Development Organizations / TA Providers

California Organizations

California SBDCs (SBA Small Business Development Centers) California
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Santa Clara Valley San Francisco Bay Area
Mission Economic Development Association (MEDA) San Francisco Bay Area
Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center San Francisco Bay Area
Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center San Francisco Bay Area
North Coast Small Business Development Center California North Coast
Napa Valley College Small Business Development Center California North Central
Solano County Small Business Development Center California North Central
Central California Small Business Development Center California Central Valley
Weill Institute Small Business Development Center California Central Valley
Women's Initiative for Self employment Northern California
AnewAmerica Northern California
El Parajaro CDC Northern California
Business Resource Group Southern California
California Manufacturing Technology Center Southern California
CHARO Community Development Corporation Southern California
Community Financial Resource Center Southern California
Eastern LA County Small Business Development Center Southern California
FAME Renaissance Program Southern California
Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Southern California
New Economics for Women Southern California
IOperation HOPE, Inc. Southern California
Orange County Small Business Development Center Southern California
Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE) Southern California
Pacific Coast Regional Small Business Development Corporation Southern California
Pasadena Development Corporation Southern California
Southwest LA County Small Business Development Center Southern California
Valley Economic Development Center Southern California
Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation Southern California
Southwestern College Small Business Development
and International Trade Center
Southern California
U.S. Small Business Administration Online
NxLeveL Training Network Online

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Other States & Regions

Northwest Business Development Association ( NWBDA), we help small to medium-sized businesses grow and prosper by providing fixed asset financing at reasonable rates and terms that would otherwise not be available.

Columbia Gorge Economic Development Association is a cooperative regional organization which promotes the Columbia River Gorge region as a cost-effective location for business development.

The Metropolitan Development Association (MDA) is a private, not-for-profit corporation, representing the business leadership of Syracuse and Central New York. It is the region's primary private-sector vehicle for the implementation of key development projects. Representing the area’s business leadership, the MDA has been instrumental in economic development projects and providing immediate access to the people who can make things happen.

Northeastern Vermont Development Association: NVDA’s mission as an economic development resource is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for all of the residents of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Bedford County Development Association (BCDA): To improve the quality of life in Bedford County through economic development while preserving our heritage and natural resources. When businesses explore expansion or startup prospects in Bedford County, the first contact is often with the Bedford County Office of Economic Development, which works under the umbrella of the Bedford County Development Association.

Prosser Economic Development Association is a non-Profit organization made up of a cross section of representatives from the private sector, City of Prosser, Port of Benton and Benton County.  The organization exists to recruit new business, retain existing businesses and promote the quality of living in the greater Prosser area.

Clearwater Economic Development Association (CEDA) is a member-driven private non-profit corporation that operates in the public interest to improve economic opportunities, increase employment skills and sustain preferred lifestyles for residents, communities and businesses in north central Idaho.

Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA) is to promote and support the LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) and Allied Business and Professional Community for the purpose of strengthening and enhancing business.

Sitka Economic Development Association (SEDA) has worked closely with city leaders to make Sitka more attractive to businesses. A nonprofit association that supports and promotes responsible economic development, SEDA's Board and staff are comprised of a diverse group of management and business professionals.

Southwest Detroit Business Association (SBDA) fosters innovation, drive, and commitment in community. We support our community’s vision for a healthy, vibrant neighborhood. Together we are developing a place where more people are choosing to live, work, invest, shop, and play – a place where you will find Business Building Community.

Twin Cities Development Association, Inc. (TCD) is a non-profit organization as the successor to the Scottsbluff/Gering Payroll Development Foundation. TCD is the economic development organization for the Scottsbluff/Gering area in the southern Panhandle of Nebraska.

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Community Economic Development Associations

National and International Associations

AEO - Association for Enterprise Opportunity
The national association of organizations committed to microenterprise development. AEO provides its members with a forum, information, and a voice to promote enterprise opportunity for people and communities with limited access to economic resources.

United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) is to advance knowledge and foster business development through entrepreneurship education and research. USASBE offers cutting-edge programs for entrepreneurship education and encourages research that has practical application.

Opportunity Finance Network is a leading network of private financial intermediaries with a proven expertise in lending prudently and productively in unconventional markets often overlooked by conventional financial institutions. Working in urban, rural, and reservation-based markets we deliver sound financial returns and real changes for people and communities.

National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) is the lead national membership association representing cooperatives of all types and in all industries. We are democratically organized and operate according to internationally recognized cooperative principles.

National Indian Business Association (NIBA) is a non-profit organization to assist in the advancement of Native business development by providing information, programs, and services specifically designed to address the unique needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native business owners, entrepreneurs and governments.

Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first international professional association dedicated exclusively to the business coaching industry and the only association with advanced membership standards based on business experience, coaching experience, and references. Since 1997 we've been serving business coaches and their clients.

American Management Association (AMA) provides information, seminars and e-learning courses on business management topics. At the top of the home page, AMA features an article or series focusing on a current business issue or topic.

National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) is the nation's leading Web resource for self-employed and micro-businesses. This site provides a broad range of benefits and support.

National Association of Credit Management (NACM) is a trade association for people who deal with credit and collections.

The Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) is to represent the collective interest of our members by promoting, informing, supporting and continuously improving the SBDC network, which delivers nationwide educational assistance to strengthen small/medium business management, thereby contributing to the growth of local, state and national economies.

Marketing Research Association (MRA) promotes excellence in the opinion and marketing research industry by providing members with a variety of opportunities for advancing and expanding their marketing research and related business skills. To protect the marketing research environment, we will act as an advocate with appropriate government entities, other associations, and the public.

Business Marketing Association (BMA) represents a lifetime of expertise in business-to-business marketing and communications. For more than 80 years, BMA has been the pre-eminent service organization for professionals in this vital industry. As market realities so often prove, no one stays in business that long without continually meeting their customers' needs.

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is the membership organization for the financial planning community. As a member of the Financial Planning Association, you have access to a combination of the best networking and educational opportunities the financial planning community has to offer.

National Small Business Association (NSBA) The steps to the right demonstrate how you can help bring equity and fairness to small businesses and the millions of Americans they employ. For almost 70 years (longer than any small business organization), NSBA has remained America's small business advocate.

California Associations

CALED - California Association for Local Economic Development
CALED is a team of service-oriented professionals committed to excellence in supplying members with the tools necessary to develop their local economies.

The California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA)
A statewide membership organization of more than 200 community-based organizations that are actively engaged in revitalizing California’s low-income neighborhoods. In their respective communities, CCEDA members produce results in several areas of community-building, including: housing, commercial and industrial development, employment and training, job creation in specific sectors, business start-up, expansion, micro-enterprise, Individual Development Accounts, and the provision or facilitation of health and human services. CCEDA is the only state organization that advocates for community economic development in California. We work to create and open up doors for resources and support to the field.

California Association of Nonprofits (CAN) answers questions for members on variety of topics, including HR labor law. Some areas that they can help with include state personnel law, labor code, contract employees, termination procedures, hiring process, performance evaluation, personnel manuals.

California Reinvestment Committee (CRC)

A coalition of over 200 nonprofit and public agencies that advocate for increased access to credit on behalf of California’s low-income communities.

(California Association for Microenterprise Opportunity)

A statewide association of organizations, agencies, and individuals dedicated to furthering microenterprise development in California. CAMEO educates the public, advocates on behalf of microenterprise development, and builds the capacity of practitioner organizations to better meet client needs.

Center for Community Futures helps organizations develop their vision, values and strategies. We help you activate the full capacity of the people in your agency or business.

The Coalitionof Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI Coalition) is the lead vehicle for industry-wide ventures and a unified voice of the industry. The Coalition's mission is to increase public and financial support for the CDFI industry through advocacy and public education, information and outreach, and knowledge building. Representing more than 465 CDFIs working in 50 states, the Coalition has emerged as the leading advocate and organizing force for CDFIs. The Coalition is a key access point and primary source of information and knowledge about and for the CDFI field for the general public, the media, public officials, and private sector leaders.

The National Congress for Community Economic Development (NCCED) is the trade association and advocate for the community-based development industry. Founded in 1970, NCCED represents over 3,600 community development corporations (CDCs) across America. CDCs produce affordable housing and create jobs through business and commercial development activities. NCCED services the community development industry through public policy research and education, special projects, newsletters, publications, trainings, conferences, and specialized technical assistance.

The mission of theCommunity Affairs Unit of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is to provide banks and bank holding companies with information on appropriate programs to help them meet their community development needs. To further this mission, the Unit co-hosted, with the California Reinvestment Committee, a series of workshops in 1998 that brought together California small business technical assistance providers and bankers to identify ways to meet the credit needs of small businesses in California.

Th California Small Business Association is a grass roots, volunteer driven, non-profit small business advocacy organization. Its mission is to provide small business with a meaningful voice in state and federal government.

Other States & Regions

Northeast Tennessee Valley Regional Industrial Development Association (NETVRIDA) is an association of power distributors and economic development associations representing a multi-county region in the Northeast Tennessee Valley of the southeastern United States.

Arizona small business Association (ASBA's) is to exceed its members' expectations in providing access to resources and benefits that aid in the development, growth and success of their businesses...and to deliver these services.

Massachusetts Association of Community Corporation (MACDC) is the policy and capacity-building arm of the community development movement in Massachusetts. MACDC is support and advance the affordable housing, economic development and community building strategies of our members, and to build the power of low and moderate income people to achieve greater economic, social and racial justice.

Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (PEDA) is the statewide association of local, state, corporate and non-profit economic development professionals. PEDA's promote sound economic development policies, provide leading edge economic development education, and nurture an effective statewide economic development network to foster the economic health of the Commonwealth.


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U.S. Government Websites

U.S. Small Business Administration. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created by Congress in 1953 to help America's entrepreneurs form successful small enterprises. Today, SBA's program offices in every state offer financing, training and advocacy for small firms. These programs are delivered by SBA offices in every state, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In addition, the SBA works with thousands of lending, educational and training institutions nationwide. A wealth of information is available on this site for those starting a business or wishing to expand or who are seeking assistance with operating an existing business.

The Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is a federal agency specifically created to encourage the creation, growth, and expansion of minority-owned businesses in the United States.

The website for the U.S. Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers many resources designed specifically for smaller employers. The agency wants to encourage all businesses to establish safety and health programs and find and fix hazards to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Their web page provides one-stop shopping for the most popular materials for small businesses from free on-site consultation to interactive computer software to technical information to easy-to-follow guides for specific OSHA standards. It also includes links to OSHA local offices and the Small Business Administration.

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Funding Information and Sources

Non-Profit Funding

The Foundation Center's mission is to support and improve institutional philanthropy by promoting public understanding of the field and helping grant seekers succeed.

The East Bay Center for Philanthropy is a resource and meeting place for donors, community organizations, professional advisors, community leaders and others to come together and contribute to the improvement of their communities. The Center for Philanthropy promises to be the hub of philanthropic activity in the East Bay for years to come.

Small Business Funding

Working Solutions Microloans
Working Solutions provides microloans of $5,000 to $25,000 for qualified microentrepreneurs that want to start or grow a business in the 9 Bay Area counties but have limited or no access to conventional financing. Working Solutions is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Bienvenido a El futuro en tus manos - las tecnicas financieras para toda la vida. Este innovador y divertido programa, creado por Wells Fargo como servicio publico, no tiene contenido commercial.El curriculum ha sido disenado para el aprendizaje individual a un ritmo propio y para el uso en lass alas de clase y grupos de la comunidad.Las leccions son narradas, animadas, movidas y divertidas!

Cal Trans Civil Rights Small Business Programprovides a forum to inform small business of contracting opportunities associated with the project and to network with potential prime contractors to offer valuable resources for small businesses.

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Industry Research and Data

FIELD Microenterprise On-Line Resource Bank

This online resource bank from the Aspen Institute's FIELD Project has information to help practitioners move forward on a range of issues critical to the future of the microenterprise industry. Users of the resource bank will find publications, training curricula, toolkits and more – compiled from numerous authors and sources, including FIELD, the Association for Enterprise Opportunity and MicroSave. 

California small businesses comprise nearly 98 percent of all businesses in the state, employing more than 50 percent of the state's workforce and generating more than half of the state's gross domestic product. Small businesses are the principal source of new jobs in California and are instrumental to the health of the state economy. Source: U.S. SBA.

Brookings Institution
A research instituion that acts as an independent analyst and critic, committed to publishing its findings for the information of the public. In its conferences and activities, it serves as a bridge between scholarship and public policy, bringing new knowledge to the attention of decision-makers and affording scholars a better insight into public policy issues.

This is a link to FedStats, the gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.

Additional Resources for Non-Profits

See our Training Resources for TA Providers on our Training Page

Business Law provides free legal advice and regulatory information for small businesses through a new government Website. This website consolidates and indexes, in one central location, links to credible sources of information on 39 areas of general interest ranging from the most basic topics such as licenses and permits, to highly specialized topics, such as e-commerce and exporting.

@LA Trade/Business Development Organizations in Southern California
The most complete and up-to-date guide to sites relating to the greater Los Angeles area.

Idealist, a project of Action Without Borders. In this site you will find: over 27,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 153 countries, which you can search or browse by name, location or mission. Also view thousands of volunteer opportunities in your community and around the world, and a list of organizations that can help you volunteer abroad. Plus, it boasts the best Nonprofit Career Center on the Web, with hundreds of jobs.

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services is a nonprofit training, consulting and research organization with offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Through a broad range of services, we provide nonprofits with the management tools, concepts and strategies necessary to shape change in their communities.
Meadowlark Communications, Inc. writes, edits, designs, and produces publications for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

National Commission on Entrepreneurship was created to focus public policy on the role of entrepreneurship in the national economy and to articulate policies that will foster its continued growth. The NCOE is a resource for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and public policy.

Greater Sacramento Certified Development Corporation (GSCDC) is a private nonprofit corporation established in 1985 to increase small business opportunities and to stimulate employment. Our role is to be a catalyst within community economic development programs in securing the resources necessary to assist small businesses in obtaining financing. The company is authorized by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to offer 504 loans to small businesses in Sacramento, El Dorado, Yolo and Placer counties. The 504 loan program is SBA's principal economic development tool to assist communities in stimulating expanding businesses through the utilization of the program. The 504 program offers long term fixed asset financing with a below market fixed interest rate, and as little as 10% down.

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Other Resources for Small Business

Women’s Bureau at the U.S. Department of Labor
Resources, events, statistics, and more for women entrepreneurs and women in the workforce. The bureau’s mission is to promote the well being of wage-earning women, improve their working conditions, increase their efficiency, and advance their opportunities for profitable employment.

See our Training Resources for Small Businesses on our Training Page.

Business Know How Website: Home-Based & Small Business Resources
This website for home offices and small businesses provides practical information about starting, growing and managing small and home-based businesses.

All Business This website is a warehouse of information for businesses. Includes information on topics such as Forms & Agreements, Employment & Consulting, StartUp Companies, Financial & Business Documents. Offers samples of all types of Forms & Agreements used in business a well as online seminars and advice.

Connectors and Conduits: Reaching Competitive Markets from the Ground Up is a marketing resource for small businesses that can be downloaded for free from the FIELD Web site ( or ordered for $5 to cover shipping and handling. Order by calling FIELD's Publications Hotline: 410-820-5338.

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