Technology Training Program

in conjunction with the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF)

The trainings that are available as of May 2015 include the following topics:

Basic and Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Basic and Advanced Social Media Strategies

Developing and Refining Your Web Presence

Managing the Financial Health of Your Business

Managing Your Customers Online

Managing Your Inventory Online

Mastering Virtual Partnerships

Securing Government and Corporate Contracts

Selling Your Products Online

You will find more detailed Technology Training Course descriptions here.

What business owners are saying about the Technology Training program:

CARAT’s SBTI program has been well received by participants. Below are unsolicited comments from past participants:

"I am very happy that I was able to attend today's session. I had heard some of the information before, but since it is still new, I understood it better now. I would like to say that every speaker that your organization has chosen has been well informed, clear and just wonderful to listen to and work with. I will continue to tell my business friends and my workers about the high quality webinars that are offered for us small business owners."
"I appreciate the ease of attending and participating in these webinars regardless of my skill level. In fact, may I take the webinars again now that I'm less intimidated and overwhelmed by the volume of information, decisions, options and resources".
"Great workshop and extremely informative. Presenter was extremely knowledgeable. Very valuable workshop."
"I am always impressed by the quality of the information found on these seminars. They have been tremendously useful."
"I loved the subjects (SEO, Meta data, viewing sources, pay per click, Facebook). I especially liked what the instructor brought to the table in terms of her personal experience using the above media. ….She did a great job showing us her desktop to see real world examples of real issues."